Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 1

So, I am brand new to blogging, and since I have no followers it feels a bit like I am talking to myself.

I have somewhat recently found that there is this huge community of paper-crafting people online. Gazillions of blogs (at least) and contests and these cool events called blog hops where you can win some cool stamps and card making supplies. Each blog has their own contest rules and most of the prizes are won through a random number selector so it evens out the playing field.

There are veteran card makers who have been crafting since before color television was invented and newbies who have sliced off the better parts of their index fingers because they just don't know when to stop. I fall somewhere in between the first video on MTV and...ok let's just say I have been crafty for a while.  I'm not OLD but the phone I used as a teenager did have a cord on it.  It was a really long cord.

Anyway, it is my intention to share some of the cards I create, blog hops I hear about and contests I enter.  Hopefully some day I will get to be on a Design Team and then you can hear all about that too.
Well, thanks to everyone that stops by.  Leave me a note so I know you were here.

Humbly yours,



  1. Hi, Karen... I came over from your Instagram account to check out your blog — and here it is, all spankin' brand new! Just start posting... you'll be surprised at how soon you'll get noticed! Good luck! (Great cards on IG, by the way!)
    Lindsey (Naughty or Nice Challenges)

  2. Hey--welcome to the blogging world. Thanks for your comment on my blog.